New $88 Headshots

New $88 Headshots

So as usual I’ve been too busy to blog, but I have been working on a new project I’m excited about! It’s my new Headshot Studio. You can check it out at It’s only $88 for a new professional headshot, and that includes your favorite image retouched. It’s perfect for your LinkedIn update, new […]

I love Studio Images

Black and White Studio Photography

Black and white studio images are some of my favorites.  They seem more real and intimate – unlike the butterface airbrushed pictures you see flooding Facebook.  I have a new 700-square-foot studio in Syracuse that is perfect for headshots and large families.  Please call me to update your resume, LinkedIn profile, or social media.  

Family Portrait Months in the Making

This beautiful portrait took me several months to finish! Not because I’m slow, but because several family members live out of state so I photographed each group when they came to Utah over the course of several months. Once I had all the individual images I went to work digitally creating this beautiful 46-inch portrait! […]

Serious Videographer Skills

Utah Wedding Videographer

I get a lot of questions about who I recommend for a videographer. There is some great talent out there, but I’m happy to recommend Ashton at V.LUX Media. Take a look at this demo and you’ll see why he’s amazing! He books out in advance like I do, so contact him today!