What Should I Wear For Family Pictures

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One of the most experienced family photographers available, Robert Wood Photography has been in business for almost 50 years. Being one of the highest quality family photographers in Utah has earned Robert Wood Photography a great reputation. Robert Wood offers reasonable tips for looking your best in family photos.

Keep this in mind when selecting your outfits:

1 – It’s better to coordinate than to match.  Remember the 90’s when we all wore matching denim tops AND bottoms?  Let’s never do that again 🙂  See our swatch ideas below for colors that look great together.

2 – Consider the environment you will be in.  A mountain session will look better with earth tones.  Standing in front of a white barn you will want more color in the outfits.

3 – You never want the clothing to stand out more than the people.

4 – Avoid anything ultra trendy – your picture will look outdated 6 months from now when the style goes away.

5 – For any groups larger than 10 you should avoid busy patterns.

 color swatches