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Need a headshot for your business card? Stop combing through old pictures and invest in an update. You’re smart, confident and you know your stuff. Your headshot should communicate your experience and your professionalism, and that’s a skill best left to Robert Wood Photography.

We offer headshot photography packages throughout the Salt Lake City area. If your Facebook profile photo is all you have, it’s time to upgrade to a business photo that your boss, co-workers and clients will find impressive.

Look the Part

A picture of your face that’s cropped out of the group hiking trip won’t convey professionalism. Neither will the selfie of you and your significant other. A headshot is your chance to look the part, and for many businesspeople, getting noticed is half the battle. Make sure your prospective supervisors or potential customers see the proficient expert they’re looking to hire — get a headshot from Robert Wood Photography.

Your Career Is Up to You

New bosses and clients all want to know who the person is behind the resume or the sales pitch. Your headshot is your chance to make an impression that counts. What does your current headshot say (or not say) about you? Where could we make improvements?

Let Me Help Tell Your Story in SLC

Book a session with Robert Wood Photography, and you will walk away with a headshot package you can use to leverage visibility within your network. Your headshot helps define you as your own personal brand. We help with color selection, outfit choice, background, angles, lighting and expressions.

Together, let’s tell your story in a photo — a photo that can help you take your career to the next level. We’re booking Salt Lake City headshot packages today — call to reserve your spot.

Selfies on Your LinkedIn? Let’s Fix That.

Your picture doesn’t have to be over-posed or uptight, but it definitely shouldn’t be a selfie! You’re going for sleek, smart professionalism, and we can offer a better alternative. Make your LinkedIn profile pic stand out, and get the right look for your business cards. A headshot from Robert Wood Photography can transform your look from amateur to pro in one simple session.

Ready to make the change? Call us today to set up a photo session for a new business headshot in Salt Lake City.

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