What Camera Should I Buy?


I get asked this question about 200 times each year.  I’m always happy to help and “talk shop” but I figured it was time for a post to help those out there looking for a new camera.

First, I’m assuming a few things:

1 – You don’t give a flippin’ scrud about the technical details that I personally LOVE pouring over.

2 – You don’t want to spend $10,000 or even close to that.

3 – You want this camera for vacations, Christmas, birthdays, and every day use.

$300 Price Range

Nikon Coolpix P530 – This camera is usually in the $400 plus range, but it’s dropping in price because it will probably be replaced this summer.  16MP and full 1080 video.  This gem will do everything you want on vacation and around the neighborhood.  It has a built in zoom lens.  Built in lenses are usually not top of the line, but it keeps it small.

$500 Price Range

Canon Rebel T5 – This camera comes with a lens for under $500.  Incredible camera and lens for that price!  The lens included is the 18-55, that’s fairly wide and will be great for indoors or when you don’t need to zoom in tight.  If you want to use it for sporting events you will eventually need to purchase a zoom lens.

$1000 Price Range

Nikon D5300 – This is a 24MP camera and it comes with the 18-140 lens.  That means it will be great indoors as well as at sporting events where you need a zoom lens.  It has 39 focus points.  That means if the picture is out of focus, it’s YOUR fault.

Yes, I left about 150 cameras off this list.

These are the cameras I would buy my wife if she asked (she actually got the $500 Rebel for Christmas last year.)  My recommendations are based on TONS of boring technical stuff that you really don’t want to hear about.

Also, notice I started at the $300 range.  I would not recommend buying a camera for less than $300 unless it’s usually much more and it’s just discounted.  Your newer model camera phone will do about as good a job as any camera less than $300.

Where Should I Buy My New Camera?

I suggest Pictureline in Sate Lake.  They will have all of these cameras in stock, along with about 50 others.  The great thing about a real store instead of online is that you can see and hold the camera before you make the purchase.  You want your new camera to feel comfortable in your hands.

If  you are looking for something different or have any questions, feel free to call or email.  801-544-9005 or [email protected]