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Robert Wood Photography was started by Robert in his basement apartment in Ogden, Utah in 1967.  Robert retired several years ago, but not before passing on a lifetime of knowledge to his favorite (and only) son, Christian.

Christian has loved photography since he almost failed the class in high school.  Yes, we did say failed.  He had a hard time focusing on the assignments and too much fun doing his own thing.  He still loves the smell of darkroom chemicals and the magic of creating beautiful images.

He is married to the ravishing Natalie Wood – not the star of West Side Story who drowned.  Together they have 5 awesome kids, each one slightly better looking than the one before.

Meet Us



    Kara is the youngest daughter of the above-mentioned Robert, and sister of Christian. She also caught the photography bug at an early age. She owns her own busy studio but still loves her brother enough to shoot weddings with him. She is married to Nate, and together they also have 5 children and a dog that no one really likes (the dog, not the kids.)



        When you see your finished album and say, “WOOOOOOOW, wowwow, WOWOWOW!” you can thank Liz for her incredible creative talent.  Liz started her photography career at age 16 in high school.  She received a Freshman Art Scholarship to USU and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography. She worked for Nichols Lab in Salt Lake for several years where she honed her skills as a digital artist and printing technician.  She keeps us all up to date on what’s new and cool.



            Paul owns Nichols Lab in Salt Lake.  He is responsible for your gorgeous new portraits on your wall.  He prints for busy photographers nation wide, but still takes the time to make sure all of our portraits have the beautiful color “pop” we are so well known for.  He said he didn’t have a recent picture to use, so Christian took care of it for him.