You Can Trust Us

If you’ve been looking at photography sites all day, AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME, then read this to find out what other photographers won’t tell you.

Do you wish you were more photogenic like your Facebook friends? Are you tired of fake smiles and trying to hide a double chin? Are you disappointed with your last pictures?
What if I told you it’s not you – it’s your photographer!
It’s true. A great photographer makes the session relaxing and FUN. He knows how to make you look your best within minutes, rather than shooting for hours just hoping for a lucky shot.
A really great photographer will make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL. He uses lighting and subtle posing to make you look incredible!
If you’ve almost given up, thinking you will never have a portrait that looks decent, much less FANTASTIC, then you are in the right place.
Here are a few things you will LOVE about working with us:
  • First, we never charge a session fee. That’s right – no payment upfront just to have your picture taken.  You only pay once you have seen the pictures and are absolutely THRILLED.
  • Second, we offer a full money back guarantee. If we don’t exceed your expectations in every way then we will gladly refund every cent.  We’ve never had anyone ask for a refund yet, but it’s nice to know we stand behind our work and reputation.
  • Third, Lots and lots of experience.  You are not a “practice” session to us. Lousy weather? No problem. Kids fighting on the way to pictures? No worries, we know how to make you look your absolute best.

Still not sure?  Check out these recent reviews from clients just like you.